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Measure & Installation

We offer customers a bespoke design, manufacture and installation service using high grade, toughened glass. Everything is tailored to your exact requirements and complemented with a sophisticated range of superior quality fixtures and fittings, giving you complete freedom of design.


At Prad Glass, we try our best to personalise each project, ensuring there is always someone available who is familiar with every aspect of your installation. Our installation teams are the best in the industry – we have hand-picked some absolute gems who keep our clients coming back with more ideas! Whether it’s as simple as a frameless glass shower door, or an entire multi-storey office space, our teams have proven themselves to apply the same standards and commitment to achieving the best possible execution. The need for precision and expertise is critical to a successful installation and it is our rightful duty to ensure all projects are fully compliant in all aspects of the installations. The glass is often almost the final element of a building project: we cannot take precise measurements for the glass until the floors are finished, the walls are in place or the stairs are installed in readiness for a glass balustrade.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous large and small fit out companies. We have worked with large and small organisations, local and corporate builders - our flexible approach is tailored to your project’s requirements on time and with the right quality – seamlessly made to measure!