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Glass in the Home

Origin Architectural & Prad Glass Collaboration

Origin Architectural & Prad Glass Collaboration

Bespoke glass & high quality balustrade components

Two outstanding glass-based UK companies have collaborated to manufacture bespoke glass balconies for a residential development of flats in Barnet, London. In order to create the individual balcony areas for the flats situated on the second and third floors, Prad Glass partnered with Origin Architectural, a leading UK supplier of glass balustrade components.

The time frame of the project was challenging. Origin, known for their efficiency in lead times due to their in-house cutting and milling service, turned around all the components required with precision in less than one week. This is certainly not the norm in this industry, with lead times taking over 3 weeks in some cases. Origin were chosen for their reliability, Prad Glass had confidence that their attention to detail and delivery times would be on point.

Glass from Prad Glass

In addition to the components, the project also required more than 50 made to measure glass panels. Responding to the specifications from the construction firm, Prad Glass produced the bespoke glass panels from 10mm clear toughened glass and frosted satin glass (for privacy on the residential balconies).

The glass panels were made in varying sizes. Some were required to be taller as they were designed to act as balcony separators to create privacy between the flats. Precision was of paramount importance on this project to ensure the finished balconies met the safety regulations as well as fitting perfectly between the made to measure posts.

Components from Origin Architectural 

Origin supplied the project with a range of mid, end posts and more unique side mounted balustrade posts in stainless steel 316 (suitable grade for outdoor use). Each had its own base plate, cover and end cap, as well as made to measure stainless steel handrail.

The side-mounted posts were used to fix the glass panel barriers into their intended position by the wall, as a base was not needed on some of the balconies. The project was a complete success, with the result being stunning bespoke glass balustrade, acting as a safety barrier whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing look.

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